Qingdao H. Y Corporation started production of twin ring wire in 1991 and devoted to helping customers improve efficiency and lower cost. Since the introduction of first German fully-automatic production line, Qingdao H. Y Corporation has been strictly adhered to German standards, focused on high-quality twin ring wire production and ranked the leading position in the world binding industry. Nowadays,Qingdao H. Y Corporation has established long term business relationship with many international well-known office stationery companies, like ACCO, APP etc.

Qingdao H.Y Corporation has a broad range of products, including twin ring wire, metal spiral wire, calendar hanger, semi-automatic punching machine, fully-automatic punching machine,multi-functional binding machine, semi-automatic binding machine,fully-automatic binding machine, wire-cutting machine, nylon-coated wire, drill bits, punches and different dies. As one enterprise providing overall twin ring wire binding services in China, Qingdao H.Y Corporation has been successfully exported to many countries and regions with customers throughout Asia, Africa North America, South America, Europe,Oceania etc.

Qingdao H.Y Corporation has a strong R&D capability and establishes its own R&D center. It obtains many national patents for punching and binding machines etc