The AB42CH High-Speed Automatic Wire Binding Machine is especially applicable to bind notebooks, exercise books and calendars. This machine can be used to massive production line and has a full in-line system which utilizes wire from spools and calendars. It will cut, insert the wire and calendars, close wire and send books through a conveyor automatically as a result of increasing production efficiency, saving labor cost and reducing waste. 

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1、Bind books with calendars

2、It can be used to bind books with over hanging cover

3、Bind 75MM books 

4、Can be programmed for continuous binding, two pieces with hanger or “skip-binding”

5、Bind big size wire, like P2:1 7/8” and 1” 

6、Binding speed can reach 3000books/hour without cover flipper or 2100 books with calendar hanger system

Technical parameters
Max Binding Size420 x 500mm
Min Binding Size75x140mm
Wire Size1/4-  1〃(6.35-25.4mm
Operation Speedbooks/hour

900~3000 books/hour without calendar hanger system

   900~2100 books/hour with calendarhanger system
Machine DimensionL×W×H4450×1550×1900mm
Net Weight1250KG
Compressed AirPressure6-8bar